It's been an exciting first year of operation for Equinox New Music Collective, full of mistakes and triumphs and last-minute scrambles and a whole lot of learning. We've hosted two successful concerts (listen to one of them here), and have five -- yeah, five! -- concerts planned for the next academic year. 

But as we looked at the future of our organization, and as we thought more about our core goal -- to bring new audiences to new music without scaring them off -- we realized that a group of composers can only do so much. Without performers, we're limited. We needed to change.

To that end, Equinox New Music Collective is happy to announce that we are welcoming four new members to the organization: James Barger, Jeannie Barrick, Aaron Beaver, and Sarah Neely. Head to the Members Page to learn more about them, and check out their websites or recordings. Show them some love. They deserve it.

Adding these performers will allow us to reach more people, and we're excited about having a wider range of musicians for collaborative opportunities!

Up above, I mentioned that we're planning five concerts for the next academic year. Two of them are next month, and both are happening in the West Texas area. Here's a sneak peek at that info, with more to come soon: 

Music for Voice: An Equinox New Music Collective Concert featuring soprano Jeannie Barrick

Saturday, October 15th
Amarillo, TX

Sunday, October 23rd
Lubbock, TX

Hosting these concerts is not a free process. We need to pay for the venue and for the advertising, but most importantly, we need to pay our performers a fair wage for their work. 

To do all of that, we need your support. If you're interested in donating to our concert fund, please contact us and let us know so that we can notify you when our donation button goes live. Every dollar counts. 

Thanks for reading! Keep an eye out for more concert information coming soon.